Ridge Gourd

A luffa sponge whose coarse texture helps with skin polishing. Ridge gourd or loofah is allowed to fully ripen and then dry out on the vine, the flesh disappears leaving only the fibrous skeleton and seeds, which can be easily shaken out. Marketed as luffa or loofah, the sponge is used as a body scrub. Ridge gourd has ANTISUPPURATIVE property. It is an excellent blood purifierIt acts to boost the liver health and serves to decrease the side results of alcohol intoxication. Ridge gourd (ribbed gourd) is also commonly used to treat premature graying of the hair. It enhances the hair roots and helps to restore the pigment. In some tribal areas people used to take this vegetable one month before their fasting period believing that it cleans our body and mind and prepares of ritual ceremonies.

Ridge Gourd Benefits in Home Remedy for Many Ailments

  • Being endowed with numerous medicinal attributes, Ridge gourd is useful as a home remedy. Almost the whole of the ridge gourd plant including seeds leaves and fruit have medicinal value.
  • Ridge gourd acts as an expectorant, a diuretic and a hypoglycemic. Considered as a bitter tonic, ridge gourd is useful in treating spleen enlargement.
  • The roots of the gourd are beneficial in treating the swelling of lymph glands. And when the roots are added to water or milk, they help in eliminating kidney stones. Ridge gourd seeds have purgative and laxative properties.
  • Oil extracted from ridge gourd seeds is useful in treating various skin related ailments. Pounded leaves of the ridge gourd are mixed with garlic and used in treating leprosy. The leaves also find use in treating dysentery, ringworm infestation, inflammation of the spleen and piles.
  • Ridge gourd is also benefits as a home remedy for premature graying of hair and its prevention. A powder of the ridge gourd is made by first chopping it along with its skin and then thoroughly drying it in the sun to be pounded into a powder. This powder can be applied on hair and scalp to prevent premature graying of hair.

Ridge Gourd Benefits in Ayurvedic Medication

  • Ayurveda has credited ride gourd a special status for delivering many health benefits which even the modern medicine has supported.
  • Ridge gourd is endowed with a bountiful of minerals that are alkaline and hence consider as bringing a cooling effect on the human body.
  • From Ayurveda’s angle, ridge gourd increases kapha and vata and pacifies the other dosha namely the pitta.

Nutrition Benefits of Ridge Gourd

  • Being rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins, and low in fats and calories, ridge gourd is a safe bet as an important part of the healthy diet.

Weight Loss Benefits of Ridge Gourd

  • Ridge gourd is low in saturated cholesterol and fat and hence it is an ideal diet for those seeking to lose weight.
  • Being laden with water content, ridge gourd carries very few calories and is an ideal food for weight watchers.

Ridge Gourd Benefits in Treatment of Jaundice

  • Ridge gourd juice acts as a natural remedy in the treatment of jaundice.
  • Prepare the ridge gourd juice by pounding the fresh vegetable or its powder made from its bitter seeds.
  • Consuming this juice regularly helps in curing jaundice.
  • Even if the powder is used as a snuff, this helps in treating jaundice.

Ridge Gourd Benefits for Blood Purification

  • Ridge gourd has blood cleansing properties.
  • It helps in liver detoxification by purifying, restoring and nourishing the liver that is ill due to alcohol intoxication.

Ridge Gourd Benefits in Skin Care

  • Sometimes the Ridge gourds are allowed to dry and mature on the vine itself, which are then harvested for use as a sponge.
  • The ridge gourd loofah or sponge was traditionally used as an exfoliating scrubber during bathing.
  • Even today the ridge gourd Loofah or sponge is also effective in fighting off body odor or foot odor.
  • They are considered as being helpful in removing dead cells from skin thus making it smooth and conditioned.
  • Added to these are the blood purifying properties of ridge gourd which are helpful against acne problems.

Ridge Gourd Benefits for Immunity

  • The juice extracted from ridge gourd when mixed with other fresh vegetable juices and taken every day, helps in strengthening the immunity and aids your body in fighting many infections effectively.