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History of Varma Kalai

Folklore traces varma kalai to  Lord Shiva who is said to have taught it to his son Lord Muruga Disguised as an old man, Lord Muruga passed the knowledge of varmam to  sage Agastya who then compiled  it and disseminated the skill among his students. Siddha medicine is also attributed to Agastya. The Sushruta Samhita (c. 4th century) identifies 108 vital points on the human body of which 64 were classified as being lethal if properly struck with a fist or stick. Sushruta’s work formed the basis of the medical discipline Ayurveda which was taught alongside various martial arts. With numerous other scattered references to [marma] varmam in Vedic and epic sources, it is certain that South Asia’s early fighters knew and practiced attacking and defending vital points.

What is Varma Kalai ?

Varma Kalai is a Tamil term for the Indian knowledge of vital points. It originated in Tamil Nadu. It is a component of traditional massage, alternative medicine, traditional yoga and martial arts in which the body’s pressure points (varma or marma) are manipulated to heal or cause harm. The healing application called vaidhiya murai is used in ayurveda and siddha medicine (siddha vaidyam) to treat patients from ENT-related problems, paralysis, hemiplegia, nervous disorder, sciatica,spondilitis, phlegm, stroke, arthritis and other conditions. Its combat application is known as varma adi or marma adi meaning “pressure-point striking”, and can be done either empty-handed or with a blunt weapon such as a stick or staff. Usually taught as an advanced stage of Indian fighting systems, strikes are targeted at the nerves, veins, tendons, soft tissues or ligaments, organs and bone joints.

Disorders Cured using Varma Kalai

  • Nerves weakness
  • Body shivering
  • Disk prolapse
  • Dehydration
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Head ache
  • Sciatic Problems
  • Eye problems
  • ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) problems
  • Bone joints and arthritics
  • Gland disorders (like Diabetes, etc.)
  • Muscles and skeletal system disease
  • Hip and leg pain
  • Esophagus Disease
  • Saliva problem in mouth
  • Gastritis
  • Trachea disease
  • Asthma and sputum
  • Heart related disease
  • Disease related neuro system
  • Head ache and insomnia
  • Urology related disease
  • Irregular menses
  • Diabetics
  • Thyroid problem
  • Eye related problem
  • Ear related problem
  • Speech disorder

Methods of Varma Kalai

  • Paduvarmam points are the life center points in human body that can be disturbed by hitting.
  • Paduvarmam points are 12

Padu Varmam is the most dangerous Varmam among the 4 types of Varmam. Any Padu Varma places, if gets affected it are known as Padu Varmam. There is a very high possibility of danger to the life of the enemy if this Varmam is affected. If any Padu Varmam points in the human body are affected, the place becomes very chill. We can observe the chillness by placing the hand on the affected part. Even though Thodu Varmam occurs by hitting similar to Padu Varmam, it is not very dangerous like Padu Varmam. Thattu Varmam is the art of hitting the enemy with just one finger very lightly and affecting the enemy without creating any pain in the part we are hitting.

    1. The 12 Paduvarmam points


  1. Thilartha kaalam (Centre of the eyebrow)
  2. Natchathira kaalam – near the lateral end of the orbit of the eye
  3. Chevi kuthi kaalam – back of the ear lobule (on the stylo mastoid foramen)
  4. Uchi Padhappam – in the vertex of the skull
  5. Kannadi kaalam – in the centre of the nose
  6. Koombu varmam – Bottom of the sternum
  7. Urumi kaalam – 4 fingers above the umbilicus
  8. Athi churukki kaalam – Just above the hip near superior iliac spine
  9. Mooladhara varmam – in coccyx
  10. Kallidai kaalam – centre of the testis for men, centre of clitoris for women
  11. Thummi kaalam – inter clavicular notch
  12. Adappa kaalam – below armpit
  • Thoduvarmam points are the life center points in the human body that can be disturbed by touching and hitting.
  • Thoduvarmam points are 96.

They are 96 in numbers. All the points are not dangerous, but some points show symptoms like Padu varmam injury. Some points will reduce the number of days in life; some points causes permanent disability or diseases.
Some points will cause small injury and after some time it will rearrange the sara and kalai ottam itself. For example in ancient age siddhars used Urakka kaalam for anesthesia purpose during surgery. The mathirai to be given in the point for anesthesia was according to the type of surgery. The point induces the sleep according to the mathirai level. After some time the patient will wake up normally. In martial arts the point was used for temporary loss of coordination.

The varma points present in the body are 108, head and neck are 25.A song from a literature which giving details about the location of the points in the head and neck

Thattu Varmam points are some of the sensitive points in the human body. They can be affected by slightly hitting on that particular point. A small force hit on this particular point can affect this point. This can also paralyze the human body by creating some difficulties or challenges in the smooth functioning of that particular body part.

They are eight in numbers. These points are mainly used in therapeutic aspect only. The points are situated in the Puratharai 8. If these points are injured It will mainly affect the kalai ottam. That will cause dyspnoea. The pitham will increase if the point injured. The eight points are

  1. Iratha saya varmama
  2. Karunya varmam
  3. Aali varmam
  4. Komberi kaalam
  5. Sangu thiri kaalam
  6. Moothira kaalam
  7. Ulumi kaalam
  8. Siru kudal aali varmam

These are totally 6 in numbers. These are very dangerous. If these points are damaged they will cause many sever problems, and after certain number of days the man will die. If the point is injured the man will develop psychic problems. They may cause the following problems deaf, heart failure, lung failure, Asthma, Ascites. The five sense organs will be affected by diseases.

    1. The Uzhl varmam points are
  1. Ul moolai thattu
  2. Irudhaya thattu
  3. Kumbu thattu
  4. Tharai thattu
  5. Linga yoni thattu
  6. Meitheenda kaalam

Varmam Type

Number of Points

Thodu Varmam


Padu Varmam






Number of Points

I From Top of the Head till Neck


II From Neck till Naval Point


III From Naval Point till Anus


IV Both Hands


V Both Legs




108 Varma points Name

  • Kondaikolli varmam
  • Thilartha kaalam
  • Patchi varmam
  • Kannadi kaalam
  • Paala varmam
  • Naasi varmam
  • Minvitti varmam
  • Manthira kaalam
  • Annan kaalam
  • Kombothrei Kaalam
  • Sunnambu Kaalam
  • Poigai kaalam
  • Uthira varmam
  • Kutri varmam
  • Vettu varmam
  • Poottellu varmam
  • Chuzhiyadi varmam
  • Pidari Varmam
  • Cheerum Kolli varmam
  • Saruthi Varmam
  • Pinshwaasi Varmam
  • Vialngu Varmam
  • Thivala Varmam
  • Arukutti Varmam
  • Malar Varmam
  • Karreral Varmam
  • Koonbu Varmam
  • Neru Varmam
  • Urumi Kaalam
  • Kazhalai varmam
  • Hanuman varmam
  • Thudi varmam
  • Valai varmam
  • Thooshika varmam
  • Villam varmam
  • Pidi varmam
  • Mulai varmam
  • Nura poottu varmam
  • Chora theenda varmam
  • Pushti varmam
  • Irippu varmam
  • Mudichi varmam
  • Adhistana varmam
  • Rekthaadhi varmam
  • Moothira varmam
  • Mothira varmam
  • Anda varmam
  • Thandu varmam
  • Adakka varmam
  • Kaal kavuli varmam
  • Puriva kaalam
  • Kannu varmam
  • Valamurthi kaalam
  • Sumai varmam
  • Theetha Varmam
  • Sudothiri Varmam
  • Chothi varmam
  • Nachitra kaalam
  • Perichal varmam
  • Chenni varmam
  • Alavaadi varmam
  • Aayama varmam
  • Chevi kuthi varmam
  • Kona sanni varmam
  • Urakka kaalam
  • Kakkattai Kaalam
  • Sakthi varmam
  • Majjah Varmam
  • Palla varmam
  • Uppu kutri kaalam
  • Kokki varmam
  • Kulir varmam
  • Maattaan varmam
  • Arangu varmam
  • Thevela kaalama
  • Villu varmam
  • Panni varmam
  • Gupthaka varmam
  • Kallida varmam
  • Kazhala varmam
  • Villu varmam
  • Mundellu varmam
  • Cheriya atthichurukki varmam
  • Valiya atthichurukki varmam
  •  Vithu varmam
  • Buja varmam
  • Kochu varmam
  • Chulukku varmam
  • Muttu kann varmam
  • Muttu varmam
  • Moli varmam
  • Muzham kai varmam
  • Kai kannu varmam
  • Mani kettu varmam
  • Kai kavuli varmam
  • Sthuthi kai varmam
  • Dkashinai kaalam
  • Swarna dakshinai kaalam
  • Kai vellai varmam
  • Kona sanni varmam
  • Kal mudichi varmam
  • Kaal kuzhachi
  • Nadai varmam
  • Kuthi kaal varmam
  • Visha varmam
  • Aamai varmam
  • Kaal kochu varmam
  • Kaal chulukku varmam

Varma Points in Human Body

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