Dorn Therapy

What is Dorn Therapy?

The Dorn method is a form of manual, holistic alternative therapyclaimed to be used to correct misalignments in the spinal column and other joints. A wholistic, gentle, effective, non-manipulative and safe way to correct misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints.

History of Dorn Therapy

Born in August 1938 in South Germany, he was a Sawmill owner working for the farmers in the area. About 30 years ago while lifting a heavy log he suffered on a Lumbago (sciatic pain).
He was relieved of that pain by an old healer in his hometown with some fast and simple movements. He was asking the old Healer if he also could learn this technique but the old man said to him: You already know it! .Dieter Dorn was his last patient, soon after the old man died without teaching Dieter Dorn his knowledge.

So Dieter Dorn had to learn it all by himself. His first patient was his wife who had often severe headaches since years. According to some doctors her transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae where too long and could be shortened by surgery but she refused to be operated.

Dieter Dorn checked his wife’s neck and found that the vertebrae are only twisted and the x-ray was not a correct reading.He gently pushed the vertebrae back in place while his wife made rotating movements at the same time. Since then her headaches are history and she became the most prominent patient of Dieter Dorn.That was the beginning of the Dorn Method! Soon after Dieter Dorn helped many people in the neighborhood by correcting their different leg length and aligning their joints.

General Recommendations

The featured exercises aim to continue the alignment after a Dorn Therapy, but can be done as Prevention and Maintenance without prior Therapy.
To achieve the best results the exercises should be done regularly, best several times a day.
Do not exercise after any injury following an accident and do not exercise if you experience fever, migraine or inflammations.

The exercises must not cause any pain while doing them and it is best to repeat them more often than doing them too intensive.

Methods of Dorn Therapy

This is a safe, simple, effective, and rapid therapy.  It works by teaching the patient simple exercises that can be taught at home in order to reinforce and continue the treatment that is done in a session with a practitioner.  Overall, this means that fewer sessions are required.

First of all, the length of the legs is checked.  After that, the practitioner will check the location of every vertebra.  Once this is checked, the emphasis is placed on correcting the partial displacement of the hips, as it is easy for the hips to slip out of their correct positions.  If the hip is not properly aligned, uneven leg lengths will occur and this causes the pelvis to be disrupted, leading to problems in the spinal column.  Dorn therapy uses gentle finger pressure while swinging arms or legs in order to treat the spine.

Corrections of joint or spinal cord misalignments are done in a ‘dynamic’, moving action. According to Dorn, people’s muscles always try to hold the positions of the joints and spine, and when they are out of order the muscles assume this ‘wrong’ position as the correct one and hold it there. Dorn proponents state that a static correction, such as that used in chiropractic therapy, is difficult because it needs to overcome the strength of the holding muscles, and because the patient is often tense since the treatment is done ‘on’ him and not ‘with’ him.

The Dorn method therefore uses motion to divert the muscles’ tension, and in this relaxed state it is allegedly possible to realign the bones.

During a treatment, the practitioner palpates the patient’s spine. If any ‘unbalanced’ areas are found, possible underlying misalignments are palpated with gentle pressure using the thumb or hand against the spinous processes, while the patient enacts guided movements such as swinging the leg or arms to distract the muscles’ inertia; this is similar to the principle of mechanics known as ‘counter pressure’.In case of pain, the patient is advised to stop the procedure in order to avoid any damage to the body.

Osteopathic and chiropractic techniques are purely passive – that is, the patient has the treatment performed on him while he sits or lies on a couch. There are very many different techniques employed by these disciplines and they range from the high velocity thrust (click) to very gentle craniosacral adjustment and fascial unwinding. But in all cases the patient has the treatment done “on” him and not “with” him.

In contrast the Dorn Method harnesses motion actively performed by the patient. The therapist meanwhile applies comfortable therapeutic counterpressure from the patient’s side to coax the spinal joints into alignment. The treatment is completely painless and in our experience patients who have undergone other forms of manual therapy are often surprised at the efficacy of so gentle a procedure.

In common with other physiotherapy techniques, Dorn patients are always taught home exercises to complement the treatment in the clinic.

The beauty of Dorn Crystal lies in its simplicity which can be used to safely correct any imbalances and joints in the body.

It is used to treat not just back pain, but also sciatica, headaches, neck pain and many other related common health problems so prevalent today. Dorn is a very gentle discipline because the therapist works together in harmony with the client, using a ‘dynamic’ approach which enables joints to move easily back into place and restores balance to the body.

It avoids unnecessary stress to muscles and ligaments and involves no jerky manipulation or ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ of joints, which so many people fear or dislike.

  • T1 Eye
  • T1 Lacrimal gland
  • T1 Submandibular and sublive glands
  • T1 Parotid gland
  • T4 Heart
  • T4 Lungs
  • T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T9,T10,T11 Stomach
  • T5,T6,T7,T8,T9, T10,T11 Small intestine
  • T5,T6,T7,T8,T9, T10,T11 Supraranel gland
  • T5,T6,T7,T8,T9, T10,T11 Kidney
  • Colon
  • Rectum
  • Urinary bladder
  • Sex organs

Spine-Healing and Back pain Therapy

It should be clear to understand that the Prevention of Back Pain is better than trying to cure it once it happened but how can this be achieved without reading tons of Books, spending a lot of money and time or study Anatomy, Medicine or PT first?

The Goal would be to stop doing these movements (if possible) during the Alignment- and Recovery process, best during a Therapy, for about two month in order to give our body time to heal by keeping all corrected Joints in place long enough so a natural adjustment reaction of our Body-Self-Healing Mechanisms can take place.After this time it is still not advisable to fall back to old habits but rather substitute these movements with safer alternatives also shown below.

If you combine this with the regular doing of the Self Help Exercises you have a very powerful tool for Recovery and Prevention that requires very little time, no money investments .But it requires a little discipline and Self-Initiative

Benefit from the Dorn Treatment

Every disease, even up to the psychological domain can be treated (positively influenced) unless an illness had already led to irreversible damages at organs.The Dorn Method was developed as a therapy which focuses on the alleviation of common back and joint pain including neck pain, the hip, knees, shoulder, jaw, etc., and correction of leg length difference. Dorn is also used with clients who suffer from Migraines or headaches.

The therapy aims to restore balance to the body, moving joints and vertebrae back to their natural correct positions, consequentially Dorn may also have beneficial effects on other related common health problems. Please ask your Dorn therapist for advice but always remember to ask the advice of your GP for any chronic or serious health problems.The main areas of application are: Muscle-Skeletal Disorders (incl. Back Pain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Joint-Pain, Muscular Tensions, Migraines etc.)

Curable System in Live 

We have a specalised therapy center for Dorn Therapy  and patients can come directly to our therapyy center located in Address : 58, GST Road, Opp CMC Hospital, Chengalpattu, TamilNadu 603001  and they can undertake this treatment under the supervision of the therapy specalist’s


When is the Dorn Therapy not suitable?

The Dorn Method is not suitable for the following conditions:

  • Acute inflammation or fever
  • Paralysis
  • Acute migraine attacks
  • Any recent accidents
  • Post surgery of discs
  • Cancer
  • Acute prolapsed disc(s)
  • Ongoing cortisone medication due to possible brittle bones
  • Immobility

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