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Vitamin B12

Drumstick seeds and leaves may support as a Nutrition for the following medical condtions

Moringa translates to mean “miracle”. Packed with over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, this plant is being hailed as the “nutritional dynamite of the century.” . Moringa is a tree brought from the mind of God to the hands of man. It is valued worldwide for its ability to treat over 300 diseases. A seed extract from the Moringa Oleifera tree could provide a natural and inexpensive solution for water purification. (this is used in Haiti and some parts of Africa). Vitamin B12 is a complex vitamin that requires a bacterial symbiotic action for its synthesis in our systems. It is possible that this tree has some unique features that facilitate a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria responsible for delivering Vitamin B12 to us. This needs to be verified and more studies need to shed light on why Moringa is unique in this. What we know about Moringa is like a tip of an ice berg.

Benfits of Using Drumstick and its seeds

1. Fights cold and flu

Drumsticks are recognized to have a great content of Vitamin C. And if you’re experiencing low because of cold as well as sore throat, have drumstick soup to get comfort immediately. Drumstick leaves are commonly known to get therapeutic qualities and is also beneficial in dealing with asthma, wheezing and other respiratory system difficulties.

2. For strong bones

The green vegetable features large quantities of iron, Vitamins and calcium. Drumsticks are recognized to offer healthy and strong bones and are also believed to purify the blood. Drumstick pods and leaves particularly are said to be the blood purifier. For better outcomes have smashed drumstick leaves along with milk.

3. Pregnancy and Lactation

Using this tonic on a regular basis by pregnant women will supply them with essential calcium, iron and vitamins. Drumstick pods and leaves help them get over slowness of the uterus, help easy delivery reducing post-delivery problems. A vegetable prepared from leaves boosts breast milk soon after giving birth. The vegetable is prepared by boiling the leaves with salt. The water is then drained off and they’re smeared together with ghee and eaten.

4. Avoids infection

Drumsticks have a superior content of anti-bacterial qualities and are also valuable in avoiding infections within the throat, chest, as well as skin. Drumstick pods, leaves and also flowers are utilized in preparing soups since they are anti-biotic naturally. It may also be utilized in dealing with fungal skin ailment.

5. Digestive Disorders  

Drumstick is additionally useful for digestive complaints. A teaspoonful of fresh leaf juice,

6. Lung problems

This veggie cum herbal plant is extremely great at dealing with asthma and various other lung associated difficulties. The steam water of drumstick vegetable is generally breathed in throughout the lung problem, which yields extremely helpful outcomes within couple of days.

7. Excellent iron tonic

The juice extract of the helpful herbal plant is regarded as a great tonic for young kids. This particular tonic helps you to reinforce the Bones and in addition cleans the blood. For pregnant as well as feeding mothers, this is a great tonic since it contains all of the important components just like calcium, iron, and vitamins etc.

8. Glowing skin

The juice of drumstick pods is extremely useful in improving the glow as well as shine of the face. Usually, it is combined together with lime juice and is particularly quite effective in getting rid of acne, blackheads, pimples and other skin diseases.

9. Impotency

The powdered type of this excellent veggie is utilized to prevent impotency, semen thinness, as well as early ejaculation etc. It also turns out to be extremely helpful for treating the problem of sexual debility and enables in the better operating of the male along with Female Sterility.

10. Tonic for Children

The leaves function as a tonic for babies as well as growing kids. For better results, juice needs to be obtained from leaves, filtered and combined with milk. This mix becomes a fantastic tonic for strong and healthy bones as well as for cleansing bloodstream.

11. Urinary Disorders

A tablespoonful of coagulated fresh leaf juice, combined with a glass of fresh juice of cucumber or carrot, is an efficient medication for scanty urination as well as continuous burning in urethra because of higher acidity of urine. A teaspoonful of the juice along with 10 gm. of rock salt once daily is utilized for stopping extreme urination of non-diabetics.

12. Increases Bone Density

After consuming drumstick regularly for just two months it’s been proven that it raises density of bones. This is extremely great for growing up kids.

13. Reduces Cancer Level

Constant ingesting of drumstick and its leaves decreases the probability of creating cancer by 80% and it has been proven females who are victim of breast cancer recover fast out of this sickness.

14. Reduces Intestine Tumor or Ulcer

Intestine tumor or even ulcer could be decreased and lots of tests have been carried out in past that was optimistic in lessening size of ulcer just by offering drumstick extract.

15. Improves Vision of Eye and Retina

It enhances the vision of eye additionally clears the toxins through the retina that boosts the lifetime of retina.

16. Reduces Ladies Period Cramps

Drumstick leaves soup whenever taken constantly for 21 days; it changes the cycle of period in ladies which will help in cutting the cramps.

17. Uterus Fibroid

It lowers the size of cist on uterus; therefore it will help in lessening the pain underneath the naval in ladies. In certain villages still this method is utilized by middle aged woman’s to cut back the pain sensation in abdomen.

18. Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis

Person needs to prepare the soup from leaves of Drum stick twice daily as well as take in fresh soup. This helps to make lungs powerful eliminates the toxin through the lungs that are settled due to smoking cigarettes or even heavy industry air pollution.

19. Beneficial for Brain Injury

Drumstick and its leaves are extremely helpful for all those kind of head injury. Even doctors suggest patients to get this after going through operation on brain.

20. Improves Digestion problem

After consuming the leaves and drumstick for specific time period, it will help interior organ to operate effectively. As kidney lever function enhances, it will help intestine to boost the quality of gastric juice. It will help in Digestion problem.

21. Reduces Diabetic Level

In 1982 few experiments were carried out in Tamil Nadu on 36 diabetics. Out of which 30 individuals demonstrated optimistic outcome of decreasing sugar level within blood.

22. Makes Gall Bladder Healthy

It will help in enhancing the function of gall bladder, which really helps diabetes individuals to decrease the sugar score. Those who are not diabetic it assists them to keep their gall bladder healthy and balanced.

23. High acidic Urine (Dysuria)

Eliminate the extract from drumstick leaves or even best practice to grind leaves in carrot juice and also take in 300 ml each 6 to 10 hours. Also start the toxin free process to eliminate bacteria or even virus through the body. It provides excellent result. In couple of days’ time acid in urine minimizes.

24. Improves Nervous and Immune system

It has been demonstrated in past continues ingesting of drumstick assist person enhance the defense mechanisms and in addition observed that individual is quite healthy with no cold or even viral fever. Somewhat boost in blood hemoglobin have been also documented recently.